To have or not to have a plan? This is the question

I have recently had, in various business events I attended, a series of interesting discussions about agility and consistency, out of which a conclusion was clearly drawn, namely that marketing performance nowadays is based on two apparently opposing components, which...

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Helping companies to find their unique edges, to create or sharpen their identity, to set the future goals and draw the journey to reach them. Good marketing and branding strategies are the base for growth.

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Interactive and personalized trainings for setting the principles of how to work a solid marketing strategy and an efficient marketing plan or how to build a strong brand.

Who do you talk to?

  Somehow, I always end up getting in debates with all kinds of businessmen about their businesses, about their challenges and the problems they have. All the time we get to my favorite discussion, namely how they do marketing. They start telling me they tried social...

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10 principles for marketing performance

Marketing has become an even more complex field, with new challenges and channels. Thus, it is no surprise that marketing performance has become a controversial subject generating heated debates inside companies and sometimes, even inside departments. I have gathered...

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7 issues that marketing is facing

Lately, I’ve had many discussions with marketing people in various companies, but also with entrepreneurs or top managers of larger companies. Though different in size or field, no matter the topics discussed, I have come to observe a series of problems which seem to...

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Marketing is my passion.

But in my view there is no good marketing without good branding, and branding is about substance, before being about form, or about the essence before appearance. This is the whole idea behind Brand Essence. In a world where the form tends to prevail, we forget sometimes that there is much more under surface, and everything we build above is connected with what’s below. 

Mihaela Muresan

From my point of view there is no marketing without branding, and branding is about substance, before being about form, or about the essence before appearance.

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