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BOOST YOUR ADVANTAGE - Marketing strategy

How to use your strengths

You know the market and environment you are operating in, you know your strengths and weaknesses. Next we will identify the real advantages to further develop.

SHAPE YOUR FUTURE - Positioning strategy

A clear and ambitious positioning is the first step to success

You had a dream when you started your business. Maybe the dream is not yet fully accomplished, but definitely you remember it. Let’s bring that dream back to today reality and evaluate together if we keep it or we transform it in something better.

DEFINE YOUR CORE - Commercial and organisational branding

A strong brand identity could move your business

There are people around us who stand out from the crowd in an unique way. There is something special about them, the way they talk and look, the way they act. It is what we call personality, and this is the expression of an identity. The same thing is valid with the brands, too.

CLEAR VOICE - Communication strategy

A consistent and efficient communication strategy

It’s not enough that you exist and you are good. You can sell the best services and have the best products. In a world where the noise is huge (just to notice that online information doubles each year), you need to make yourself heard.

START UP package - 450 EUR



Includes recommendations for your web and Facebook pages and 2 intense mentoring sessions targeting your specific market, products, your desired image and promotion..