START UP package – 450EUR

This is a package designed for small companies (up to 5 employees) that start a business, that will help them to set the marketing principles for their specific business.

You don’t know how to differentiate in the market and how to communicate to your potential clients? you will get these answers during the sessions in this package.

The package includes:

  1. One intensive mentoring session (approximately 3 hours) with the entrepreneur and/or his/her team for setting the principles for how to analyze the market, the competition and trends that can influence the specific industry and business, so they can continue this analysis in a structured way in the future and get the right conclusions for their business decisions. Based on this session the entrepreneur and/or his/her team will prepare a market analysis material that will be used as base for the next session.
  2. A second mentoring session (approximately 3 hours) following in 1-2 weeks the first one, when there will be discussed the principles for:
    • the product/services range, their prices and the way how they answer to the customers needs
    • recommended communication channels and messages for reaching the clients

The purpose of these sessions is to set a marketing structure that can be useful for the entrepreneur in the future to grow his/her business. Recommendations are customised and done only based on discussions, using specific questions for get the insights of the business.

3.  Web and Facebook page recommendations related to their structure and content. If they are not done yet, recommendations will consider the possibility of their creation.


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