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A healthy business does not drift with the wind,
instead it counts on a good and sturdy marketing strategy.
Do you know how to make your brand stand out?

Which balloon are you?

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More and more start-ups are appearing nowadays in the e-commerce field: “I have discovered a market niche, I have some very good products ...
6 success factors for retail marketing

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A successful brand is based mainly on
the emotional relationship with its clients
and the way it is perceived.

The brand you represent is perceived as intended?

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Helping companies to find their unique edges, to create or sharpen their identity, to set the future goals and draw the journey to reach them. Good marketing and branding strategies are the base for growth.

Interactive and personalized trainings for setting the principles of how to work a solid marketing strategy and an efficient marketing plan or how to build a strong brand.

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6 success factors for retail marketing

More and more start-ups are appearing nowadays in the e-commerce field: “I have discovered a market niche, I have some very good products and I want to sell them online” – this is a phrase stated by a lot of young entrepreneurs. Nothing wrong so far, because it all starts with a good business idea. […]

The creative or the brief?

How many times have you heard about a client being dissatisfied with the deliverables of the advertising agency or about an agency dissastisfied with a client who does not know what he/she really wants? (I am sure that this happens more than we are willing to admit.) All those people working in the creative industry […]

5 myths about branding

Branding is probably one of the most “volatile” activities that take place in a company because it is hard to isolate, to track and to evaluate. But before measuring the impact of branding in business, let us pass through some very often met myths related to what a brand and branding actually mean: A brand […]

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Marketing is my passion.

But in my view there is no good marketing without good branding, and branding is about substance, before being about form, or about the essence before appearance. This is the whole idea behind Brand Essence. In a world where the form tends to prevail, we forget sometimes that there is much more under surface, and everything we build above is connected with what’s below.

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