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A healthy business does not drift with the wind,
instead it counts on a good and sturdy marketing strategy.
Do you know how to make your brand stand out?

Which balloon are you?

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First of all, branding is about choices and decisions. In marketing and communication there are infinite possibilities in which you can comm...
Branding: polishing and crystallization

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A successful brand is based mainly on
the emotional relationship with its clients
and the way it is perceived.

The brand you represent is perceived as intended?

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Helping companies to find their unique edges, to create or sharpen their identity, to set the future goals and draw the journey to reach them. Good marketing and branding strategies are the base for growth.

Interactive and personalized trainings for setting the principles of how to work a solid marketing strategy and an efficient marketing plan or how to build a strong brand.

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Branding: polishing and crystallization

First of all, branding is about choices and decisions. In marketing and communication there are infinite possibilities in which you can communicate a brand. But how do you choose what and how you communicate? And who is taking these decisions? These are questions I face daily in companies I work with or from marketing professionals […]

You reap what you sow (or the contemporary marketing ROI theory)

In the last years I have observed the way in which various companies and CEOs approach and relate to marketing and I have identified a series of behavior patterns specific, on the one side, to those performing in marketing and, on the other side, to those for whom marketing is not working with the aimed […]

Marketing performance: an equation with several variables

After a series of recent studies, it seems that the evaluation of the marketing activity performance (including process management) is situated on one of the top positions of companies’ biggest challenges, alongside with financial management and, nowadays, human resources performance. Yet, we will only deal with the marketing area as we go on here below. […]

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Marketing is my passion.

But in my view there is no good marketing without good branding, and branding is about substance, before being about form, or about the essence before appearance. This is the whole idea behind Brand Essence. In a world where the form tends to prevail, we forget sometimes that there is much more under surface, and everything we build above is connected with what’s below.

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