On this page you will find short movies from presentations, conferences or panel debates where Brand Essence is involved, or fragments from trainings and workshops organised by us. We will add links from websites or articles as good reading on themes like marketing, business, branding, retail, ecommerce, digital transformation or neuromarketing. Enjoy, share and give us feedback!

Segmentation: necessity or fad?

What does segmentation help us and why do we do it? What are the most appropriate criteria and how do we choose them? How much segment and when do we stop? Learn from the video a few principles on how to properly segment.

Brand values and messages

Before being about what you see, about the logo or colors, about the visual expression, the brand is about what it means, what it represents, and what it wants to convey. And for this we work with 2 large areas, namely brand values and messages. What does each one mean and where do they differ?

What you don’t know about strategic marketing

Podcast moderator: Attila Toth from Cognitive Creators.

“The architecture of a brand – Business la Superlativ cu Flori Stoian”, a7tv

“The most common marketing mistakes of the entrepreneur”, Canal 33

“Interview with Mihaela Mureșan (Brand Essence): Branding is not optional”, GPECro

“Company branding VS Personal branding”, Canal 33

How to communicate and represent a brand in the business world, live at Canal 33.

“We have a brand. Now what?”, InsidePRofit show on with Laura Dragomir

Recording of the InsidePRofit show on, with Laura Dragomir. We always represent our brand.That’s why it’s a good idea to do it in a structured way. About the steps we have to take in order to create a brand that sells.

“Marketing in the digital era”, Business Focus Oradea, 27th of April 2017:

What’s new and what’s old in marketing? How much has the world changed in the last years? What does digital means and how that impact us? These are just few questions that we tried to answer in the Business Days TV show (no English subtitles yet unfortunately).

“Positioning and differentiation” – Business Focus Oradea, 27th of April, 2017

An interactive workshop about positioning in a room full of people with energy and willing to grow their business. I talked about positioning as the special place to conquer in the consumers mind (and hearts), about how to build it and what traps might appear on the way.

Short fragment from the training “Marketing plan in one day” – macro environment

The training has the purpose to structure the market analysis part, the principles behind setting the marketing objectives and how to translate them into communication objectives, how to segment potential clients depending on their needs and motivators and finally how to put all these into a communication plan. Movie only in Romanian language.

“Branding in the digital era” – Business Days Iasi, 5 aprilie 2017

About how to make yourself heard in a world where the noise grows everyday and where the fight for attention becomes wild. About how a strong brand can keep and strengthen its identity by being consistent, and about how the relevance and memorability are 2 differentiating forces. Movie only in Romanian language.

What’s left to the brick&mortar stores in a digital world?

Fragment from the presentation at Business Days Iasi, from 5th of April 2017: in fast digitalizing world, retail is also impacted and it moves to the online environment, as well. Is there any hope for the brick&mortar stores, what’s left to them? Find out from this movie – available only in Romanian language.

“Digital media and the society” – Business Focus Oradea, 27th of April 2017: min. 31 – Mihaela Muresan

Among the 6 speakers, Mihaela Muresan talks from min. 31 to min. 45 about “Digital Future”: remember how the world looked like in the past century, and considering how it looks now, can we say how the future will look like? Movie only in Romanian language.

Marketing & HR: It’s A Date! Mihaela Muresan at DisruptHR Talks in Bucharest

On 14th of March 2017, at first edition of DisruptHR Bucharest, Mihaela Muresan talked about the deep connection between marketing and HR: it all starts with the vision, which we in marketing transform it into the positioning objective. but that will happen only if it starts with the people inside, and only then we can plant the “seeds” outside, in the consumers mind.