Where do branding and mathematics meet?

A business is a complex and vivid entity, formed of various elements coming together, following each other, overlapping, conditioning and supporting each other like stairs. See the math? Sequences, sums, causality. And it is just the beginning.  And what is branding? It is that process half artistic, half mathematic, which implies looking at all these elements, from the outside and from the inside, and look for their common denominator.

You look from the outside, from the above, and compare the micro-galaxy of the business with others alike, but you do not do it no matter how, but standing on the buyers’ ship, who can choose one or another and the way they choose must be very well understood.

Then, you look from the inside and search for those value concentrations, the peaks coming out of the crowd and try to unite them and make out of them a shape as clear and convex as possible, as for it to be able to stand its grounds solidly by itself. And on which the buyers’ ship be able to dock. Peaks at the junction of all possible sets of elements in our micro-galaxy, because only like this they will have enough strength to propel it.

In other words, the peaks are the values or the character features of our brand and they should find themselves in all the points in which the consumer meets, intentionally or not, our brand. Through their consistent repetition, the consumer will know next time when passing by what to expect and will decide easier if it is worth a visit.

So, this is why branding is about search, structure and construction in the same time. What you find, you put in a structure and build. An almost mathematical process, which may have a very special kind of beauty, the same as solving a very difficult equation, a rational matter related to logics apparently, can trigger a joy and emotion which clearly belong to the other brain hemisphere.

All this just in case there was anybody left thinking things are just tightly and mathematically put in their place.

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